Find Your Creative.

An online design hub, Sleuth helps you find your creative and then matches you to a designer to use for business and personal projects. You pay Sleuth a flat fee for brand/style development and the match-making. Individual projects are worked out between you and your designer. Sleuth intends to be more affordable and less intimidating than an agency to help small businesses launch while finding reliable work for talented designers.

Your designer will:
be talent verified and trained through Sleuth designer workshops
know your brand and have all assets on-hand

For small businesses
We are the step after developing your idea and business plan. We are a resource that helps you find your voice to use for building your company's creative. You will go through a brief process that is unique, thorough and personalized. Once a clear direction is established for your brand, we match you with a designer suited to your brand personality, business objective, style and budget.

We Provide:
Brand Briefing - specific (and fun!) exercises developed to help you find your core style, voice and aesthetic
Personality Package - Your brand brief compiled and packaged for your designer to begin developing your perfect brand.
Optional Research and Focus Groups - to help test brand perception

For personal/individual
We connect you with designers to make you things like invites/party decor/collateral or even interior decorators, photographers etc.

Help us develop and test the above ideas by giving us a few minutes of your time and an honest opinion or two.

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